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Welcome to the creative world of pritsol.in. Let us take you through a tour of our journey as an e-commerce site.

We started as an offline retailer back in 2014 and Incorporated as Pritsol India Pvt Ltd (pritsol.in) in 2018 serving across India.

We are a team of army, passionate towards creating new and unique stuff for you and are located in the City of Pearls-Hyderabad, India.

pritsol.in brings a great collection of unique products to your door step. Our products are the combination of unique material and a creative mind.

Most of our products are handmade and printed on german technology. We are the manufaturer of the products and no third party is linked with us.

We value your money and love towards us and hence we never compromise on the quality of the product. pritsol.in is a trademark for 100% quality.

Keep exploring and keep loving pritsol.in !!